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He is currently serving as the Governor of West Bengal. The Governor of West Bengal is a man named Ananda Bose. In addition to his work as a …

CV Ananda Bose Biography

A well-known politician and career civil servant who served in the Indian Administrative Service is C. V. Ananda Bose. He is the governor of West Bengal at the moment.

The man Ananda Bose serves as the governor of West Bengal. He has worked as a civil servant, an author, and a public speaker in addition to serving as a Chief Secretary, Vice Chancellor of a university, and Secretary to the Government of India. He previously served on the UN Habitat Governing Council and is currently the Chairman of the Habitat Alliance, an organisation with consultative status with the UN.

Bose received the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship in addition to being a fellow at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie.

Bose has worked in a number of ministries, including those for education, the environment, labour, and general administration, as a district collector, principal secretary, and additional chief secretary. He has also had administrative experience in general.

Bose has founded numerous groups and movements, including the Habitat Alliance, District Tourism Council, and Nirmithi Kendra (Building Centre). His work also focuses on areas like rural development, science and technology, agriculture, affordable housing, good governance, and education.

He has represented India at both the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva and the International Fusion Energy Organization (ITER) in France. He served as Chairman of the Atomic Energy Education Society for a long time.

His initiatives have received four separate recognitions from the UN as “Global Best Practice.” The Government of India presented him with the National (Special) Habitat award in his honour.

He served as the chairman of the Supreme Court commission that looked into the wealth of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple.

32 books, including novels, short stories, poems, and essays, are written by Bose. These novels are available in Hindi, Malayalam, and English.


Bose was given the chance to put up unique ideas in the area of good governance because he had been a member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) since 1977. These ideas had the potential to make it easier for the general public to get public services in an effective and timely manner.

When he was the District Collector of Kollam in 1985, he founded the Nirmithi Kendra, commonly known as the Building Center. Its original goal was to give people access to cheap, environmentally responsible housing. The Nirmithi Kendra is now a significant component of the country’s housing policy and has expanded into a nationwide network.

This unique housing affordability initiative is thought to be the driving force behind the Prime Minister’s decision to provide affordable housing for all citizens by the year 2022. Bose was given the chance to meet with Narendra Modi on March 4, 2014, and make the suggestion.

The Government of Kerala has replicated the District Tourism Promotion Council, which Bose founded in 1986, in each of the state’s districts, and it has served as the nodal institution in the process of making Kerala “God’s own country.” The country’s tourism strategy suggests that this institution be established in every district across the country.

Every district in Kerala has adopted Bose’s Dhanwanthari Kendras, which are organisations that offer auxiliary medical services in hospitals. These institutions are attributed to Bose as their founder. Recently, the first initiative in India to provide reduced costs on prescription drugs and medical supplies was launched as part of Dhanwanthari Kendra. Later on, Kerala’s state government set up organisations to continuously sell drugs at fair costs. Bose’s modest initiative taken in that direction 32 years ago may be seen as a great culmination of the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana Kendra. The initiative was launched by the business Bose.

It has been established that “The File to Field” programme, which was successfully introduced as an efficient mass contact programme in a number of places in Kerala, is an administrative innovation with the ability to allay public complaints and hasten the development of underdeveloped rural areas. Alphons Kannanthanam, Union Minister of Tourism, has stated that this was the forerunner to the UN Award-winning public service delivery system initiated by the then Chief Minister of Kerala.

Bose launched Gramotsava, a programme for the time-bound development of rural areas, when he was still working as a sub collector. The Gramotsava programme was replicated in 200 panchayaths when the Keralan government formally recognised it as an efficient development model deserving of replication.

On the shores of Sasthamcotta Lake, a Ramsar site, Sanjeevani Kendra was built. It has a sizable medicinal garden and resources for Ayurvedic care and study. The Sanjeevani Kendra model has been adopted as one of the Forest department’s flagship initiatives and has been duplicated in other parts of the state.

The Annapoorna society was founded in Kollam in 1986 with the goal of empowering women and encouraging female entrepreneurship. They may manage a hostel for working women, engage in outdoor catering, set up portable eateries, and engage in capacity building to prepare women for income-generating economic development activities. This has been deemed to be the precursor to Kerala’s renowned Kudumbashri Self Help Groups.

Ration card loans, a type of microcredit programme made available to fisherwomen in the Kollam district, may be able to free this underprivileged group from the grip of predatory lenders.

During Bose’s presidency, the state’s first houseboat was introduced at Kollam, and now, houseboats are a significant source of revenue for the tourism industry. Through the 1985 establishment of the Adventure Park in Kollam, adventure sports received a boost in the state. He could then create an Adventure Academy to accomplish this.

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